Additional District Cooling System at the Kai Tak Development
Contract Sum (HK$ Million)
Contract Commencement
Expected Completion Year

The joint venture with 深圳市前海能源科技发展有限公司has been awarded the Design-Build-Operate Contract for the third District Cooling System (DCS) the Kai Tak Development (KTD) by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.

The DCS is an important sustainable infrastructure for Hong Kong being a first of its kind seawater DCS which utilises seawater to produce chilled water at the central plant and then distributes it to buildings in the KTD through an underground pipework. Works consist construction of a main building for the accommodation of chiller plant and operation team.  Distribution pipework for seawater and chilled water is also included. 

It is not only energy-efficient but also a vital city-level solution to address carbon emission reduction and climate change. The DCS consumes 35 percent and 20 percent less electricity as compared to traditional air-cooled air-conditioning systems and individual water-cooled air-conditioning systems using cooling towers respectively. Upon full utilisation, the project is estimated to save about 53 million kilowatt-hour of electricity a year, corresponding to an annual reduction of about 37,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission.