The Yellow Sea Crossing and Pipeline Bridge, Yangkou Port

The Yellow Sea Crossing and Pipeline Bridge of Yangkou Port comprises a 1.1- kilometre Land Causeway, the 10-kilometre Yellow Sea Bridge, and a 1.5-kilometre Island Causeway. It provides vehicular connection between the Industrial Parks at Yangkou Port and the Sun Island, a man-made island 15-kilometre off shore. It is currently one of the longest bridges built on the South China Sea. The pipeline bridge, parallel to and 230 metres to the west of Yellow Sea Crossing, allows transportation of natural gas and petro-chemical products via pipelines. Both bridges can be used to install public facilities such as water pipes and cables.
This project comprised provision of management services, from planning and design to the final approval of construction drawings; tender management, including supervision of tender preparation, pre-qualification exercise, tender interview and assessment; as well as project management during construction stage.

Location Nantong, Jiangsu, China
Commencement Date September 2005
Type Project management
Completion Date December 2010