Route 9 Advance Works

This project comprised completion of site formation and preparation works in advance of and for Eagle’s Nest Tunnel. It included soil excavation, associated slope improvement works, water main diversion, and natural hazard mitigation measures. Project scope also included construction of a 70-metre-long pile wall and a 110- metre three-cell culvert; relocation of a chlorination house and a high-tension electricity cable pylon; and completion of site formation works for a ventilation building on Tai Po Road and the portal at the south entrance of the tunnel. The Ventilation Building on Tai Po Road functions to provide fresh air of 500 cubic metre/second air flow capacity to the tunnel via a ventilation adit, which also serves as emergency access to the tunnel.

Location Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
Commencement Date November 2002
Type Management contracting – Foundation
Completion Date April 2004