Widening of Yuen Long Highway

This project comprised the widening of a 4.5-kilometre section of the Yuen Long Highway between Tan Kwai Tsuen and Shap Pat Heung Interchange from dual two to dual three lanes. The works included modification, widening and lengthening of the existing interchanges, bridges, underpasses and subways; construction of sewerage works using pipe jacking methodology; construction of noise barriers; rehabilitation of existing highway pavement; re-provision of street furniture, public lighting, traffic signs and sign gantries; and hard and soft landscaping. It involved extensive planning and implementation of temporary traffic management in stages to maintain the existing heavy traffic flow along Yuen Long Highway and the associated major interchanges.

Location Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong
Commencement Date July 2003
Type Management contracting – Civil engineering
Completion Date March 2006