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Paul Y. Engineering creates Hong Kong’s first by introducing TUPO 8 Automatic Wall Plastering Machine


Paul Y. Engineering Group is proud to be the first main contractor in Hong Kong to introduce TUPO 8 Automatic Wall Plastering technology to construction projects in Hong Kong, enhancing speed, safety and efficiency in construction. This development reflects PYE’s perseverance in seeking innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions that optimise and realise smarter construction practices for the industry and create a safer and more environment-friendly working environment for its people.

The award-winning TUPO 8 wall plastering machine secured a Gold Medal at the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. Not only does it automate the wall plastering process, but it also increases site safety. Current statutory regulations require the use of working platforms for workers performing manual wall plastering at a height of 2 metres or more above ground. Nevertheless, work at such heights continues to entail the risk of falls. The TUPO 8 machine can plaster sections of wall up to a height of 5 metres above ground. The machine is operated remotely and works automatically, eliminating the risk of workers arising from working at height.

It also enhances quality and efficiency by providing a uniform standard of smooth and stable plastering throughout a building, reducing the incidence of uneven quality common in manual wall plastering, which can result in repair or rework. It is also capable of working on a wider surface than manual wall plastering, thereby supporting sustainability by increasing productivity while reducing material waste, minimising a building’s ecological footprint.

With the construction industry firmly rooted in the digital and big data era, PYE is abreast of industry insights in the 2017 Policy Address and the 2018-19 Budget. Technological advancements such as big data and cloud computing, real-time face recognition, drones, 3D scanning and printing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are well integrated into the Group’s day-to-day construction operations. The introduction of the TUPO 8 wall plastering equipment is another important step in PYE’s advancements in efficient and safe construction.

Please click here to view the video of the application of TUPO8.