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Digital Engineering for Construction Efficiency


Digital engineering has been the hot trend in construction in recent years. Valuing innovation, Paul Y. Engineering devotes considerable resources to implementing and developing technologies to enhance productivity, cost-effectiveness, and safety in construction.

Real-time Face Recognition Technology
PYE implemented real-time face recognition technology at sites to record site staff attendance. The system uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology to record faces of our site staff. Upon entering the site, staff are asked to face the camera, which then verifies their identities. The technology saves time in accessing and recording information. It enables management to use mobile or web technology to check real-time worker information and site attendance records. It also helps ensure better management of site security including the allocation of human resources.

Virtual Reality to Heighten Safety Awareness
Safety training at the Subsidised Sale Flats Developments in Tung Chung Area 27 and Tseung Kwan O Area 65C2 has been enhanced through virtual reality simulation. Staff were given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the site environment through 3D simulation of scenarios such as accidents to develop heightened awareness and alertness of site safety.

Sprayed Concrete Simulator Workshop
From time to time, the Training Department arranges seminars and workshops to keep staff at technology’s cutting edge. On 18 January, EDVIRT, a Swedish “edtech” company, delivered a “Sprayed Concrete for Tunnelling Innovation Workshop”, giving staff the opportunity to train in sprayed concrete technology using virtual reality and simulation. Improved sprayed concrete operation heightens efficiency on construction sites.