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Paul Y. Engineering Wins “High Commendation - Construction/Engineering” at Asia Pacific Project Management Awards 2017


Paul Y. Engineering has been awarded “High Commendation - Construction/Engineering” by the Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management at the Asia Pacific Project Management Awards 2017. The award was presented in recognition of management contracting excellence in the execution of the Re-provisioning of Kennedy Town Swimming Pool (Phase 2).

This is the first time the Group has applied the NEC model. Highly complex, the project involved structural steel components and innovative technologies including BIM. An “integrated team” partnering approach was adopted under the NEC model. Meetings, training sessions, activities and an electronic project management system ensured effective communication and mutual trust between the Group, client, subcontractor, architect, construction consultant and government departments.

The NEC model uses common approaches to achieve the objectives of all concerned groups on critical areas such as construction period, fees, quality, safety, environmental protection and community care. Potential risks are identified and averted through an early-warning system thereby notably improving productivity. These measures significantly benefit project development and stakeholder engagement. As a result, the project was completed ahead of time with the final account settled within a month after completion, demonstrating high efficiency in contracting and risk management.

We will continue to respond to the needs of the market, and our clients and partners. Working closely with clients, we will increase cost effectiveness and reduce risks so as to create win-win situations in the future.