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Paul Y. Engineering donates 700 kg rice to People's Food Bank


Paul Y. Engineering has always maintained a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility by assisting and giving back to the community. On 6 May, PYE not only donated 700kg of rice to the People's Food Bank at St. James' Settlement, but also arranged a volunteer team to help pack the rice.

About 20 PYE volunteers visited the Kindness Centre of the People's Food Bank at Shek Kip Mei on that day. Staff members of the People's Food Bank briefly introduced PYE's offer to help Hong Kong’s poor with temporary free food. The volunteers learned that the unemployed and those facing financial hardship were among those who needed food assistance from them.

Following instructions of the Food Bank staff, the PYE volunteer team repacked the 700 kg of rice into smaller 3kg packs that the elderly and other people in need would find easy to handle.

Rice packing may sound like a simple task. However, it relies heavily on the spirit of cooperation between team members, from handling and unpacking to bagging and sealing. Packing for nearly a half day, the team was exhausted. But they found it worthwhile when they thought about how their actions would help the people in need. “It is more blessed to give than to receive” is the message they took away from the visit.