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Paul Y. Engineering Joins Hans Andersen Club and MicroForests in Promoting Green Education to Children


Paul Y. Engineering actively joins non-profit organisations in spreading the message of community care. On 14 January, PYE sponsored a “Hans Andersen Club cum MicroForests Workshop” at which children from Lamma Island had a lot of fun learning how to build terrariums and participating in other story garden activities. The workshop was co-organised with the Hans Andersen Club and MicroForests.

Volunteers from PYE joined teachers from MicroForests at the Lamma Island Centre of Hans Andersen Club to help a group of 20 children create “MicroForests” – decorative terrariums created with different types of plants and natural materials such as branches, stones and moss. Instructed by MicroForests tutors, the PYE volunteers patiently guided the children on how to place materials such as mineral stones, activated carbon and moss in glass containers in the right order, while learning about miniature ecosystems. Both the volunteers and the children fully expressed their creativity in creating their own one-of-a-kind terrarium.

Following the workshop, the volunteers formed groups to escort the children in story garden activities such as tree observation, making recycled paper and cleaning up the community farm. Every activity was a useful opportunity for the children to use all their five senses to observe nature and understand the importance of environmental protection. Through such activities, PYE hopes to not only unleash the creativity of children, but instill in them knowledge of the ecosystem and how to contribute to permaculture systems.