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Paul Y. Engineering joins hands with the Hans Andersen Club in “Show My Talent 2015”


For some time, PYE’s vision of caring has extended beyond the workplace. This year too, PYE joined Hans Andersen Club to co-organised “Show My Talent 2015”, a three-month campaign of workshops and sharing sessions for parents and dyslexic children, aimed at helping the children build self-esteem and confidence, and “Grow Healthy, Grow Happy”.

The campaign was launched with a ceremony on 16 May at Storyland in Wong Tai Sin. A total of 20 of our volunteers were present. Before the event, some worried that their limited understanding of dyslexia would prove a barrier with the children. However, the happy smiling faces of the little ones instantly captured their hearts and banished any doubts.

The programme started with an entertaining ice-breaker: the “How are you today?” game in which the children and volunteers greeted each other using different parts of body. Then, using three stories – "Pigs can’t fly", "Short-eared rabbit" and "Brave soup" – they guided the children to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect person, and encourage them to be proud of themselves and face any weaknesses with courage. After the story-telling session, it was time for handicrafts. “The Strengths of Myself" activity encouraged the children to identify and write down their strengths on paper fingerprints which they then attached to a “Show My Talent 2015” banner, representing their commitment to learning self-appreciation and officially starting the campaign.

It was a day of fun and laughter. PYE’s volunteers demonstrated patience and care. At the end of day, some children showed their appreciation by gifting handicrafts and paintings to our volunteers. We hope the upcoming events will further help dyslexic children to develop more self-confidence and appreciate their unique and unusual way of thinking, as well as raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia in the community.