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PYE’s Volunteer Team bakes cookies for the elderly


PYE’s Volunteer Team has been sharing their time and happiness with elderly people. In June, the team organised a special Mother’s and Father’s Day party for them.

A few days before the event, about 20 PYE’s volunteers attended a four-hour evening class to learn how to bake tasty and healthy cookies. Good health is a precious asset especially for the elderly, and so the team prepared dozens of delicious low-fat, low-sugar cookies for their guests. 

On the morning of 8 June, about 50 cheerful elderly people joined in the celebration at Botania Villa Clubhouse in Lam Tei, Tuen Mun. After the party, PYE’s volunteers visited the homes of some of their guests. It was sad to see their poor living conditions, but our workers were happy that they had helped the old folks forget their troubles at least for a day. Our volunteers spent the afternoon chatting with the elderly and listening to their stories.