Environmental Protection

The construction industry has a major impact on natural resources and the environment. As one of the largest contractors in Hong Kong and an industry leader, we are committed to promoting green building design that is environmentally-responsible and resource-efficient throughout the lifecycle of the building.  

We place great emphasis on our environmental responsibilities. Among the measures we have taken to save resources and minimize waste is a comprehensive energy-management system for maximum efficiency, energy saving and carbon reduction.

We are among the first batch of enterprises to receive ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification from the Hong Kong Quality Assessment Authority. The ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) standard is a globally-accepted framework for energy management to reduce operational costs and improve environmental performance.

Our environmental initiatives are continuously monitored and refined through the “planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement” process stipulated by ISO 50001.

Green Office

Our environmental philosophy permeates every facet of our Group, from development works to office operations. We utilize resources efficiently, reduce waste and encourage recycling.  We have implemented the following initiatives in our offices:

  • Indoor temperature maintained at between 23-25 degrees Celsius.
  • Plants introduced to improve IAQ Index in site offices and for decorative purposes.
  • Paper printed on one side is reused for printing, while paper printed on both sides is recycled.
  • Environmental protection, energy saving and green office information is displayed on the notice board for employees to read.
  • Solar energy heating systems are used in some sites.