Community Services

As a responsible corporate citizen, Paul Y. Engineering always tries to give back to society. We take our role in the community seriously. Our community investment programme has four key areas of focus: education, charities, sports sponsorship, and community wellbeing.  


The future belongs to the youth of today. At PYE, we take pride in nurturing the future leaders of our industry. Every year, we organise a host of activities such as career talks, site visits and training seminars for young people interested in a career in the industry.

Donating to charity

We contribute to various community welfare, environmental protection and healthcare programmes.

Community service

Many of our staff are keen volunteers in the community. The PYE volunteer team has expanded considerably since its humble beginnings in 2012. Today, it numbers over 50 members, comprising employees and their families, and is steadily growing. Volunteers donate their time to benefit a range of causes, from assisting the elderly to helping children from grass-root families and youth.

Over the years, the team participated in a number of environmental and community activities, including the Coastal Cleanup Trip and the Mother’s Day Party, both of which were meaningful and enjoyable. We will continue to look for ways to interact with and benefit the wider community.

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